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Taguette is coding software for doing Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA). QDA software like Taguette lets you upload documents, highlight texts, and apply tags. It also lets you search through your documents and show subsets of them by tags. It's critical for a range of qualitative studies.

According to the tin:

Have you ever searched "free qualitative research software" only to be disappointed that nothing lets you tag your materials? Search no more! Taguette is a free and open source tool for qualitative research. You can import your research materials, highlight and tag quotes, and export the results!

We've got two installations of Taguette:

Also of use:

Access to CDSC Tageutte[edit]

The CDSC Taguette instance is password protected with simple HTTP username and password. Anyone with a password can create an account and start adding/contributing data. Please do not use this for non-anonymized data, Scratch data, or any data that we cannot give all members in the group access to.

The username/password is sent to the email list. You can get it from your email or any list subscriber can read the messages:

You may need to create an account to view those messages. Just make sure that the account has the same email address that you're subscribed to the list with.

Question or issues[edit]

The server software does not update automatically. If there is a new version of Taguette with a feature you want, you should ping User:Mako and ask him to update the Taguette package.

Direct any questions or issues to User:Mako.