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Julia is a programming language for scientific programming that some of us (mostly Carl and Nick) have found useful.

Installing Julia[edit]

You can install Julia without needing root permissions on both Kibo and Hyak. The relevant files and checksums are at Download and unzip the tar file using:

tar zxvf julia-1.5.3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz

Then add julia to your path. Further (and probably more up-to-date) instructions for setting up Julia on Linux are here:

Installing Packages[edit]

Julia comes with its own package manager called Pkg. You can invoke it by typing ] inside the Julia REPL. Then run add Package to install.


Pluto is a computational notebook environment for Julia.

Here is how to run it on Kibo. First choose a PORT you are going to use and log into Kibo:

ssh -L localhost:PORT:localhost:PORT kibo 

Start Julia and run

using Pluto;host="", port=PORT)