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Ongoing actions with pretty regular periodicity.

Regular (weekly+)[edit]

Task descriptions + info[edit]

  • Send announcements (including reminders) for meetings.
  • Scheduling workshop sessions (new)
    • See: Workshop
    • Previously handled via "soft blocks"

Task distribution[edit]

Task Past contributors/organizers Current (FA2021)
Etherpad notetaking in meetings Aaron, Mako, Siying, Sohyeon, ... [proposed that this one is distributed across people throughout the quarter]
Meeting announcements (reminders, agenda) Aaron, Mako
Workshop schedule (prev. soft blocks) ...
Communications (blogs) Mako

Quarterly or so[edit]

Task descriptions + info[edit]

  • Organize retreats (virtual and non)
  • Plan social events

Task distribution[edit]

Task Past contributors/organizers Current (FA2021)
Scheduling poll Kaylea, Nate, Regina, Sohyeon, ...
Retreats: Virtual Charlie, Floor, Kaylea, Sohyeon, ...
Retreats: In-person Floor, Sohyeon, ...
Social events [so far in the past, just part of retreats?]


More focused on infrastructure and tools. Less regular/predictable intervals. Sometimes mission-critical!

  • Wiki Gardening
    • read over 1-2 pages and identify you think they are up to date
    • update lists of people, bios
    • update publications
    • update teaching/courses
    • update your user page!
    • go through resources page and...
      • identify things that are out of out of date
      • revise the out-of-date stuff and or recruit someone to help
      • identify groupings of topics, links that makes sense
    • make new documentation that we know we want/need:
      • write page about doing patrolling, creating accounts, etc
  • Software Updating
  • Sysadmin/app-admin work related to research / collaboration infrastructure+tools (wiki, email lists, calendar, git, hyak, kibo, web servers/sites)
  • Financial administration (reimbursements, payroll/hiring, travel, etc.)

Group Nurturing[edit]

People-focused, mostly less-frequent (quarterly-or-so).

  • facilitate group-process reflection/feedback/improvement sessions at retreats
  • train people on systems & tools (hyak/overleaf/R/etc.) The Resources Page is a general umbrella location.
  • newcomer orientations, recruitment, hiring
  • organize feedback sessions for RAs
  • outreach to adjacent communities, individuals who should come hang out!
Task Past contributors/organizers Current (FA2021)
facilitate group-process sessions at retreats Floor, Mako, Molly, Stef, Sohyeon, ...
train people on systems & tools Floor, Mako, Nate, ...
newcomer orientations, recruitment, hiring Aaron, Floor, Mako, Sneha, Sohyeon, ...
organize feedback sessions for RAs Floor
outreach to adjacent communities, individuals