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The 22nd ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing is taking place in Austin, TX from November 9th to 13th.

Who is attending?[edit]

If you're planning on attending this year's CSCW, please fill out a row with your travel and conference plans.

Attendee Date/Time arriving Date/Time departing Workshop Presentation Time House Note
Charlie Sa 11/9 Tu 11/12 W16. Volunteer Work: Mapping the Future of Moderation Research Nov 11 @ 11:00AM Bungalow
Salt 11/9 (Arriving in Austin: Fr 11/8) Tu 11/12 Bungalow Arriving early to visit with cousin, staying with them on 11/8.
Sucheta Sa 11/09 Tu 11/12 or We 11/13 W11. Design and the Politics of Collaboration: A Grassroots Perspective Yes/TBC Bungalow CDSC friend/collaborator; Georgia Tech student; Sayamindu's partner
Regina Sa 11/09 Tu 11/12 Bungalow
Tone Sa 11/10 [?] Tu 11/12 [?] [?] [?] Bungalow Regina's friend
Kaylea Su 11/10 (Arriving in Austin: Fr 11/8) Tu 11/12 Nov 11 @ 2:30PM House arriving early Friday and will be visiting family in San Angelo on my own dime :)
Mako! Su 11/09 Tu 11/12 House Here to support the rest of y'all.
Sneha Su 11/10 Tu 11/12 Yes House Just attending on Monday
Esther Su 11/10 Tu 11/12 (afternoon) Yes (TBD) House UW CSE student; friend and former housemate of Mako


Once we have Airbnb and / or hotels or arrangements chosen, we'll ask you to choose where you'll be staying for the conference.

Place Adddress Who is staying here Dates Note
House 909 Baylor Street, Austin, TX 78703, United States link Kaylea, Mako, Sneha, Esther 11/9/19 - 11/12/19 Check-in instructions will be ready November 5, 2019
Bungalow 1113 East 3rd Street B, Austin, TX 78702, United States link Charlie, Salt, Sucheta, Regina, Tone 11/9/19 - 11/12/19 Check-in instructions will be ready November 5, 2019