Communication and Social Networks (Spring 2022)/TikTok Assignment

From CommunityData

We talked about social influence and Duncan Watts's argument that popularity is largely a function of luck. We're going to do our own little experiment. If you'd like to participate, then here are the steps:

Start a brand new TikTok account and send Dr. Foote the link.

Make a plan for what kind of content you will share - no negativity: create joy, not pain. Just don't create anything that will get you or me in trouble: no harassment, pornography, objectionable material, bullying, etc. If you have an idea that you think might be over the line, talk to me.

Churn out that content! Try to get as many followers as you can by our last class day - April 28.

Write up a 1-2 page paper and turn it in by May 4. The paper should contain the following:

  • What did you focus your account on? Describe how you made that decision.
  • Explain your strategy for getting people to follow you. How did you spread the word? Who did you target and why? Use network principles to explain these choices.
  • Once a week, track how many people have followed you and make a plot of your followers over time.
  • Analyze your success. What worked and what didn't? What could you have done differently? What were the best steps you took to get followers? Justify this with network principles.

Many thanks to Jen Golbeck and Michael Bernstein for sharing versions of similar assignments, which this assignment is based on.