Communication and Social Networks (Spring 2022)/R Lab 1

From CommunityData

This lab has three goals:

  1. Get your R environment is set up correctly
  2. Introduce you to the idea of R Markdown files
  3. Create your first network graph

You should have R and R Studio installed by now. In practical terms, that means there should be an RStudio icon somewhere on you computer. If you open RStudio, it should look something like this:

RStudio image from Wikipedia

If you have had problems getting R installed, then look over this tutorial again and if you still can't get it then reach out on Discord and we'll get it figured out.

  • Once you have RStudio installed, read and watch the BasicBasics 1 and 2 tutorials from the R-Ladies Sydney group.
  • Right-click on this document, save it, and then open it in RStudio.
    • Read through the file and try "knitting" it to an output document
    • Finish the exercise at the end and see how that changes the output