Communication and Social Networks (Fall 2022)/R Lab 1

From CommunityData

This lab has three goals:

  1. Get your R environment is set up correctly
  2. Introduce you to the idea of R Markdown files
  3. Create your first network graph

You should have already logged into the Scholar instance of RStudio. In practical terms, that means there should be an RStudio icon somewhere on you computer. If you open RStudio at, it should look something like this:

RStudio image from Wikipedia

If something isn't working, then revisit the Scholar Setup tutorial and if you still can't get it then reach out on Discord and we'll get it figured out.

  • Open the lab_1_r_markdown.Rmd file that you loaded in the Scholar Setup tutorial
    • Read through the file and try "knitting" it to an output document
    • Finish the exercises and "knit" the file again and see how it changes the output document
    • Knit the file into a PDF or Word document and upload it to Brightspace