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This afternoon session will review materials from Week 1 and Week 2. If we have time, we'll even do some data visualization as well!

For this session, we'll go back to babynames.

Review with a babyname example[edit]

We want to demonstrate how what we've learned in this workshop come together:

  1. Ask a question (e.g. How did the popularity of the name "Sam" change between 2007 and 2016? By gender?)
  2. Find a dataset.(e.g. Open Data)
  3. Use API/Python to get the data/find an answer for my question.
Read the API documentation
Run the simplest code (perhaps an example code from the website) to understand how API works
Think about how to request the data you need (e.g. How do I just get a list of names that contain "Sam"?)
Try your code! Errors are ok!
  1. (Visualize; if we have time)

Week 1 Review: Babynames[edit]

Let's work on Baby Names!

Week 2 Review[edit]

  1. Yelp API
  2. Twitter API
  3. Wikipedia API