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About Me[edit]

I have more webpages than I can reasonably count and my current policy to to try to not aggravate this problem so I'm going to be brief.

I have many webpages where I talk a lot about myself, my projects, and other things that I do. If you are interested in this, you can read any of the pages linked below:

Please don't hesitate to get a hold of me by editing my talk page or by emailing me at or any of the methods mentioned in the pages above.

Hello Mako, My name is Sukai Gaye, cohort 20, MCCN track. At this moment, my main online community is Instagram. About 6 months ago, I was very involved on Facebook. My investment in Gambian politics allowed us to utilize Facebook as a channel to communicate, connect campaign and oust a 22-year dictatorial rule. I hope to go back to that political talk after I graduate from this program.