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Welcome to my remote office hours scheduling page!


  • Pick a date you'd like to book an OH appointment from the options below.
  • Review the available slots for that date. Note that all time slots correspond to current US Central Time in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Click the blue "edit" link next to the date.
  • Delete the corresponding "«available»" and replace it with your name (no Guillemets needed).
  • If there is something you hope I will read or prepare ahead of our meeting, please include a topic and share that information with me 24 hours before the meeting [via email].
  • For remote meetings: Show up to your meeting with me in my office hours jitsi channel. If a password is required, it will be the name of the channel ("aaronoffice").
  • For face-to-face meetings: Please come to my office (Frances Searle Building, Room 1-140). Weather permitting, I plan to hold walking meetings whenever possible. My definition of "weather permitting" might be more expansive than yours, so please try to dress/equip accordingly!

Please email me if you encounter any difficulties with this! I'm happy to help

Current (Winter 2022) quarter signups[edit]

My OH this quarter will be usually be held on Wednesdays 12:30pm-2:30pm CT and will take place remotely until further notice. There are some Wednesdays when I have to start at 1pm and these are indicated below.

For all remote meetings, you can find me in my Jitsi office. Please note that others may be there too. Don't worry, just come by when it's your time to meet and we'll sort it out.


  • 1230-1300: «available»
  • 1300-1330: «available»
  • 1330-1400: Floor
  • 1400-1430: «available»