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Welcome to my remote (advising) office hours scheduling page!


  • Pick a date you'd like to book an OH appointment from the options below.
  • Review the available slots for that date. Note that all time slots correspond to current US Central Time in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Click the blue "edit" link next to the date.
  • Delete the corresponding "«available»" and replace it with your name (no Guillemets needed).
  • If there is something you hope I will read or prepare ahead of our meeting, please include a topic and share that information with me 24 hours before the meeting via email.
  • Show up to your meeting with me in my office hours jitsi channel: [[1]]. If a password is required, it will be the name of the channel ("aaronoffice").

Current (Summer 2021) quarter signups

August 26

  • 1300-1330: Carl
  • 1330-1400: «available»
  • 1400-1430: «available»

September 2

  • 1300-1330: sohyeon
  • 1330-1400: «available»
  • 1400-1430: «available»

September 9

  • N/A (canceled this week)

September 16

  • 1300-1330: «available»
  • 1330-1400: «available»
  • 1400-1430: «available»