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Hello! I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Northwestern. Among various other affiliations, I am a faculty member in the Media, Technology & Society (MTS) Ph.D. Program and the Technology & Social Behavior Ph.D. Program. I have a few too many profiles in various parts of the Web, all of which I struggle to keep up to date. A good place to find current information is usually my website. If you'd like to get in touch, please send me an email (and don't be shy about re-sending if I don't reply).

Current classes hosted in this wiki[edit]

Office hours signups[edit]

Looking to schedule a meeting with me? Please sign up for an OH appointment. If I'm your advisor, serving on your committee, or supervising a qualifying exam, I also have a page with my advising/mentoring office hours schedule.

Archived classes hosted on this wiki[edit]


  • Course policies. The policies that govern my classes at Northwestern. I will try to update these and usually link to them from my course syllabus.
  • Assessment rubrics/policies. The assessment rubrics and policies I use in my classes. These are stated as generally as possible to enable me to use them across many kinds of courses and assignments.
  • Better Wikipedia citations. I teach about Wikipedia pretty often and, maybe as a result, students (correctly!) assume that I am comfortable with them citing Wikipedia as a reference. However, too many attempts to cite Wikipedia are of poor quality for various reasons. After seeing the problem and telling people about it a few times, I decided to write up a solution here so that it can be a more public resource.
  • Someone else's suggestions about how to email your professor without being annoying AF.