The Great Half Bake-Off

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What is the Great Half Bake Off?[edit]

The Great Half Bake Off is your chance to showcase your perhaps-strange, somewhat unrealistic, or incompletely imagined idea for a project: throw something delicious at the wall, and see what sticks. Creativity is encouraged. Tocques are not required.

Why is the Great Half Bake Off?[edit]

  • We all have ideas lurking in an incomplete state -- they might be delightful, or they might not survive the harsh light of day, but we won't know until we drag them out of our someday I wish recipe boxes and dump them out onto a plate.
  • There was an open slot in the 2x2 matrix formed by Research (formed through unformed) and Peer Review (formal through informal).
  • Prosociality is positively correlated with survival.

Ok, I have at least one bad incomplete idea. How do I do this?[edit]

  • Gather your ingredients: one slide
  • Present your creation: utter words that can fill at most three minutes
  • Listen to the judges: Hot takes only! Seven minutes of feedback will be delivered: fresh or it's free.