Summer travel 2019

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Please update this page with a list of times that you will be unavailable and/or offline this summer.


  • June 22-July 7 - Bike trip from Palo Alto to Seattle. I will not have access to email or my laptop and will likely only be accessible via phone once or twice a week.
  • July 7- July 19 - Summer institute on Organizations and their Effectiveness at CASBS. I expect to be busy 8am-8pm most days and generally unavailable for meetings. I should have access to email and IRC in the evenings.
  • [pending details] August 14-20 - Trip to Wikimania and OpenSym and then to visit brother in Sweden.


  • August 19-28: CCC Camp, Berlin
  • August 29-Sept 2: Tortuga, Oregon


  • July 29 - August 10 (in Victoria; I expect to work and have daily access, but I don't plan to do any "major pushes" during this time)


  • All Summer - In San Diego all summer for internship. Should be available on email, chat, etc. Will be available for all activities, just need to join remotely


  • July 14-18


  • July 8-15 (tentative)
  • August 11-20 (tentative)


  • All Summer - In Denmark, Germany, & Scotland. Will be available on email. May be able to join some activities remotely. Leaving June 12, Returning Sept 17.


  • All Summer - Interning for Mozilla. Will be unavailable for 20hrs a week (days TBD).
  • June 5-18 - Wedding travel and on-boarding for Mozilla (in Seattle!). Will have access to IRC/Email.
  • August 3-11 - Offline for backpacking.


  • June 17-28 - Dissertation boot camp at NU from 9-1 every day.
  • Late July - Moving to West Lafayette
  • August 12-? - Purdue orientation


  • June 24-July 16 In India. Will still be available over email, might not be able to make it to meetings, might not be active at the same time as everyone else on IRC.


  • July 12 - July 14 / In St. Louis for the weekend. Going to be trying to make it to the meeting remotely but I'll be on Amtrak and wifi is notoriously bad. Otherwise should have access to email
  • July 25 - Aug 3 / Working remotely from NYC, will be online (email, chat) and joining things remotely!
  • Sept 12 - Sept 16 / Will be in California with family for Korean thanksgiving! But will probably be online and working remotely pretty much the whole time.


  • All Summer - In Seattle