Summer travel 2019

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Please update this page with a list of times that you will be unavailable and/or offline this summer.


  • June 22-July 7 - Bike trip from Palo Alto to Seattle. I will not have access to email or my laptop and will likely only be accessible via phone once or twice a week.
  • July 7- July 19 - Summer institute on Organizations and their Effectiveness at CASBS. I expect to be busy 8am-8pm most days and generally unavailable for meetings. I should have access to email and IRC in the evenings.
  • [pending details] August 14-20 - Trip to Wikimania and OpenSym and then to visit brother in Sweden.


  • August 21-25


  • July 29 - August 10 (in Victoria; I expect to work and have daily access, but I don't plan to do any "major pushes" during this time)


  • All Summer - In San Diego all summer for internship. Should be available on email, chat, etc. Will be available for all activities, just need to join remotely


  • July 14-18


  • July 8-15 (tentative)
  • August 11-20 (tentative)


  • All Summer - In Denmark, Germany, & Scotland. Will be available on email. May be able to join some activities remotely. Leaving June 12, Returning Sept 17.


  • All Summer - Interning for Mozilla. Will be unavailable for 20hrs a week (days TBD).
  • June 5-18 - Wedding travel and on-boarding for Mozilla (in Seattle!). Will have access to IRC/Email.
  • August 3-11 - Offline for backpacking.


  • June 17-28 - Dissertation boot camp at NU from 9-1 every day.
  • Late July - Moving to West Lafayette
  • August 12-?' - Purdue orientation