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Cmbox notice.png This page is a supporting page for the course Statistics and Statistical Programming (Winter 2021).

OpenIntro Excercises[edit]

  • Complete exercises from OpenIntro §2: 2.12, 2.13, 2.16, 2.20, 2.23, 2.30 (and remember that solutions to odd-numbered problems are in the book!)

Programming Challenges[edit]

Because this is our first week, the programming challenges are setup tasks you can do to prepare you to complete future programming challenges.

PC1. Download and install R — You can do that from this webpage where you will have to choose based on your operating system.
PC2. Download and install RStudio — Download from the the RStudio download page choosing an option appropriate for your operating systems (e.g., Windows, Mac OSX, or GNU/Linux).
PC3. (a) Create and save a new RStudio "Project" ('.Rproj'). Then, within your new project, (b) create and save a new RMarkdown file ('.Rmd'). Finally, (c) write a combination of text notes and R code in your RMarkdown file and "knit" the output into HTML and PDF. I recommend reproducing and extending some of the examples from the first COM520 R Tutorial #2 such as the following:
  • Complete an arithmetic problem
  • Assign multiple values to a variable.
  • Perform an operation on your variable (e.g., create a variable called x that contains a set of numerical values and multiply it by some other number.
  • Create variables of different classes and get R to tell you the class of each variable using the class() function.
  • Perform a logical comparison on the values of a variable (e.g., can you print the values of the <rivers> dataset that are less than 500?)
  • Install and load a library. Try the openintro package that accompanies our textbook.
PC4. Upload your .Rmd file and knitted .pdf file to the appropriate assignment on Canvas.