Statistics and Statistical Programming (Winter 2021)/Problem set 3

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Cmbox notice.png This page is a supporting page for the course Statistics and Statistical Programming (Winter 2021).

OpenIntro Excercises

  • Complete exercises from OpenIntro §2: 2.12, 2.13, 2.16, 2.20, 2.23, 2.30 (and remember that solutions to odd-numbered problems are in the book!)

Programming Challenges

Because this is our first week, the programming challenges are setup tasks you can do to prepare you to complete future programming challenges.

PC1. Download and install R — You can do that from this webpage where you will have to choose based on your operating system.
PC2. Download and install RStudio — Download from the the RStudio download page choosing an option appropriate for your operating systems (e.g., Windows, Mac OSX, or GNU/Linux).
PC3. (a) Create and save a new RStudio "Project" ('.Rproj'). Then, within your new project, (b) create and save a new RMarkdown file ('.Rmd'). Finally, (c) write a combination of text notes and R code in your RMarkdown file and "knit" the output into HTML and PDF. I recommend reproducing and extending some of the examples from the R tutorial such as the following:
  • Complete an arithmetic problem
  • Assign multiple values to a variable.
  • Perform an operation on your variable (e.g., create a variable called x that contains a set of numerical values and multiply it by some other number.
  • Create variables of different classes and get R to tell you the class of each variable using the class() function.
  • Perform a logical comparison on the values of a variable (e.g., can you print the values of the <rivers> dataset that are less than 500?)
  • Install and load a library. Try the openintro package that accompanies our textbook.
PC4. Upload your .Rmd file and knitted .pdf file to the appropriate assignment on Canvas.