Statistics and Statistical Programming (Winter 2021)/Day 1 session plan

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Cmbox notice.png This page is a supporting page for the course Statistics and Statistical Programming (Winter 2021).


  • Introductions
    • (Preferred) names, pronouns, details.
    • Why are you here?
    • What background, if any, do you have with statistics and/or statistical programming?
  • Meta-curricular concerns
    • High-level goals
    • Why this approach to this material? (Mako's pedagogical philosophy and motives)
    • Course format, channels of communication, and aspirational norms
  • Stuff that's not on the syllabus (yet)
    • Ongoing assessment and iteration
    • Modest "microlectures"
  • Working through material due next class (Statistics and Statistical Programming (Winter 2021)/Problem Set 1)