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* [[Sociotechnocanonicon/2019 Planning]]
* [[Sociotechnocanonicon/2019 Planning]]
* [[Sociotechnocanonicon/2019 Schedule]]
* [[Sociotechnocanonicon/2019 Schedule]]
* [[Sociotechnocanonicon/2020 Planning]]

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The Sociotechnocanonicon Great Books Discussion Series allows members of the CDSC to build their familiarity with some of the classic works which are foundational in studies of online communities and peer production. The discussions are open to all, and facilitated by senior members of CDSC in order to introduce the broader context of the work. Meetings are held in person and aired over Jitsi for remote participation.

Themes try to cover including collective action, social movements, participatory-democracy, networks, sociomateriality, sociotechnical systems, and cooperation.