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Who's riding on the Burke Gilman trail this week?

In this project, we will gather civic data from and use it to ask and answer important questions about the Emerald City!. We will start with a series of analyses of bike and pedestrian traffic patterns on the [1]. We will learn how to collect that data from the Seattle's open data portal's API, filter and transform this data, and create timeseries graphs that show daily, weekly, and yearly traffic trends.

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In this session, we will focus on...

  • Familiarizing ourselves with a new API
  • Learn how to pose useful research questions that can be asked and answered with civic data
  • Learn how to filter, bucket, and format data for building timeseries graphs in a spreadsheet program
  • Practice reading and extending other people's code


If you are confused by these steps, go back and refresh your memory with the Day 0 setup and tutorial.

Download the Seattle open data project

  1. Click the following link and save the file to your computer: TODOLINK
  2. Unzip folder and place the folder in your CDSW working directory (or just your desktop)

Test the Seattle open data API

Test an API call to

Open the Jupyter notebook FOO

Run the first X cells in the notebook in order

The output of cell FIXME should be

example output
Test downloading a CSV file and opening it in a notebook

Open FIXMELINK in your browser


SAVE FIXME.csv to the FIXME directory with your notebooks

OPEN the Juypyter notebook FOO

Run the first X cells of the notebook in order

The output of the cell FIXME should be

example output

Socrata API tutorial

Datasets to explore

External links