Introduction to Graduate Research (Fall 2021)

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Introduction to Graduate Research (in TSB and MTS)
Media, Technology & Society (MTS) 501
Wednesdays 9am-11:50am CT
Frances Searle Building, Room 2-378
Fall 2021
Northwestern University
Course websites
Canvas for announcements, submitting assignments, and some files.
Zoom for supplementary synchronous course meetings.
wiki page for nearly everything else.
Instructor: Aaron Shaw (
Office Hours: Wednesday afternoons (details TBA) and by appointment
Please use office hours signups (with remote and f2f location information)

Course information

Overview and learning objectives

Format and structure

Weekly (minor) assignments

Final (major) assignments

Grading and assessment


Schedule (with all the details)

Credit and notes

This course design and syllabus builds from prior iterations offered by Pablo Boczkowski, Darren Gergle, Eszter Hargittai, and me. It has also been shaped by input from the current faculty affiliated with the MTS and TSB Ph.D. programs.