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== Lectures ==
== Lectures ==
Our class time will follow the "flipped" classroom model. I will provide asynchronous materials (readings, recorded lectures, assignments, etc.) which you will work on before class and we will use our class time to review concepts, identify confusion, and synthesize.
The synchronous part of the course will be held starting at 1pm every day, on Discord. The typical format will be a discussion of the reading for the day followed by a brief lecture about the topic for that week followed by a discussion of the previous day's homework questions followed by optional co-working time to start on the next day's assignment.
The class sessions will typically follow the same format. First, we will discuss the reading for the day, with discussions generally led by a student. We will then have a discussion about the concepts that are still confusing. Next, we will go over the homework questions followed by optional co-working time to start on the next assignment.
I highly encourage you to attend as many of our synchronous sessions as possible. In general, my teaching style is more conversational than a formal lecture. I prefer that students feel they can "politely interrupt" at any time to seek clarification or make a well-informed point, and the lectures will be much better if I can get real-time feedback about what is and isn't making sense.
I try to make the classes useful and to tailor them to the needs of the students, and I highly encourage you to attend as many of our sessions as possible. My teaching style is very conversational and relies on students being willing to speak up to express confusion, seek clarification, or make a well-informed point, so please participate!
== Office hours and email ==
== Office hours and email ==

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