Human Centered Data Science

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Human Centered Data Science (HCDS) is a course offered by the University of Washington eScience Institute as part of the core curriculum for the Master of Science in Data Science program as DATA 512, and hosted by the Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering. The course curriculum was developed by Jonathan T. Morgan, Cecilia Aragon, Os Keyes, and Brock Craft.

Human Centered Data Science focuses on fundamental principles of data science and its human implications, including:

  • research ethics
  • data privacy
  • legal considerations
  • algorithmic bias, transparency, fairness and accountability
  • data provenance, curation, preservation, and reproducibility
  • user experience design and research for big data
  • crowdwork and human computation
  • data communication and visualization
  • societal impacts of data science

Course curricula are available for the following class sessions: