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Seattle building cost heatmap.png

Building and visualizing datasets using and Google apps[edit]

In this project, we will explore a few ways to gather data from using the Socrata API, the Google Maps API, and Google Fusion tables.

Today's dataset
Click here to view the Seattle Building Permits database
Today's scripts
Click here to download the today's scripts


  • Collect data on building permits in Seattle, by neighborhood and by year awarded.
  • Combine those data with neighborhood data from the Google Maps API
  • Download the results in a CSV file
  • Upload results to Google's Fusion Table visualization engine

Topics we will cover[edit]

  • creating API queries and filtering and grouping the results
  • combining results from multiple APIs
  • downloading API results as CSV files
  • building visualizations of timeseries and geolocated data

Questions we will (attempt to) answer with our data[edit]

  1. which Seattle neighborhoods have had the most multifamily residential construction (apartments and townhomes) since 2010?
  2. how much has the rate of apartment construction increased since 2010?
  3. where are the most expensive construction projects currently being built?

Other questions you can answer with these data[edit]

  1. which Seattle developer has built the most apartments and townhomes since 2010?
  2. where in Seattle are the most single-family homes being constructed?


If you are confused by anything today, go back and refresh your memory with the Day 0 setup and tutorial and Day 0 tutorial

Sample API queries
Sample charts/maps
  • Google Fusion table map of permits 2010-2015 [1]
Help resources and inspiration
Other datasets with neighborhood, timeseries, and/or location data
Instructional videos
Other Socrata sites that use this API