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Welcome to the <day name> lecture section of the Community Data Science Workshop Session <number>! For about 140 minutes, we'll work through an example of a <topic of the day> end-to-end that answers simple questions using via both a lecture and hands-on exercises.

Material for the lecture

For the lecture, you will need <number> files. Download both of these to your computer by using right or control-click on the link and then using Save as or Save link as. Keep track of where you put the files.

  • Link file 1
  • Link file 2

Overview of the day

  • Lecture
    • Our philosophy around data analysis and visualization
    • Introduce some new programming tools!
    • We're going to walk through some analysis <specific data here>, start to finish
  • Lunch
  • Project-based work
    • Project room 1
    • Project room 2
    • Review Cafe
  • Wrap-up!

Lecture outline

Step 1: Pre-Requisites

  • Pre-requisite 1

Step 2: Walking through a Program

  • Walk-through of
  • Look at a dataset with Jupyter and/or in a spreadsheet

Step 3: Other steps here


  • link to older resources
  • link to external resources