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We are located in 2-430 Frances Searle, a building which is notoriously hexagonal and will trap you in its cold, concrete embrace even after five years of navigating it. Fortunately, 2-430 is relatively easy to find. We share the space with the CollabLab run by Darren Gergle.

Directions to 2-430 lab space[edit]

  • Enter from the front door, and go straight up the staircase you see upon entering the lobby.
  • At the top of the stairs, if you look back you will see a lone internal-facing window. This is where the lab is.
  • From the top of the stairs (now, with your back to that window), you want to go your right past the open seating, in a large U-turn-ish shape toward the elevator.
  • There should be a glass door to your left with two signs, one for CDSC and one for Collablab.

Someone who is in Chicagoland can one day upload pictures that make this less confusing.

Coffee chats[edit]

We try to have a weekly coffee chat for everyone who uses 2-430 to hang and chat about whatever while making yummy coffee together. The agreed upon time will be on the glass wall in dry-erase marker.