Community Data Science Course (Spring 2023)/Week 2 coding challenges

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Imagine you are filling out a crossword and need a word that fits the pattern E*G****R. What are your options? How many words have all 5 vowels in order? What's the only common English word that ends in 'mt'? What are the most possible points you can score with an English word in Scrabble?

Python is a great tool for answering many of these kinds of questions! This project involves using our first "real" dataset: a list of every word in the English language from a scrabble dictionary.

#0 Setup[edit]

#1 Alls well that ends well[edit]

  1. Find and print the words that end in "well" and be ready to tell me how many there are.
  2. How about "mt"?
  3. How about "gry"?

#2 Counting vowels[edit]

  1. How many words start with each vowel? Which is the most common vowel to find at the beginning of a word?
  2. Which is the most common vowel to find at the end of a word?
  3. Find and print all the words that have all 5 vowels in alphabetical order.

#3 Disemvoweled[edit]

  1. Find and print the longest word that has no vowels.

#4 A cure for many ells[edit]

  1. Find and print the words that contain 4 or more 'l's.
  2. How many are there?

#5 So long[edit]

  1. What is the longest word in the word list you've been given? How long is it?
  2. Are there more than one word of that length? If so, tell me how many are that exactly that long.

#6 Palindromes[edit]

  1. Print out a list of every palindrome (a word that is the same reversed) that's over 6 letters in length.
  2. How many are there?

#7 Something fun[edit]

  1. Pick one other thing off this list of other interesting properties of English words in pages like this quiz about English words with unusual properties and write a Python problem to solve it.