Community Data Science Course (Spring 2019)/Day 5 Coding Challenges

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These exercises use the Nominatim API for OpenStreetMap. The docs can be found here:

Most of these exercises require exploring the documentation to find the endpoint and specific parameters to help you satisfy your answer. There may be more than one way to do it!

  1. Reverse Geocoding Use the geocoding API to look up a specific latitude and longitude of your choice (try this building!).
  2. Craft a query using the search API to find colleges in Seattle. (Hint: you'll want to set bounded=1 and use viewbox). Print the name and location of every college you find.
  3. How can you tell that a place returned by the API is in fact a college?
  4. Find bakeries near your home. (Hint: look at special phrases documentation)
  5. Are there more cafes in Ballard or Capitol Hill? (Hint: investigate 'limit' keyword)
  6. Are there more dentists near the University or near Downtown?