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Starting in the Fall 2021 quarter, we are implementing weekly workshops in place of softblocks + a 3-hour C+F session. The main idea is that the CDSC workshop provides a weekly venue to present/share work about once per quarter. This would be similar to C&F, but spread over the quarter; in Fall 2021, we are trying this out in place of a C+F block.

Everyone is expected to attend the workshop sessions. Everyone is also expected to sign up to present/share work each quarter.

In the week you are presenting/sharing, you should circulate something for the group by EOD Wednesday before your Friday slot. Like in the C&F, you are welcome to workshop a wide range of things: planning documents, draft papers, manuscripts with reviews, grant applications, job market materials, practice talks, etc.


  • [date] - [name]: [general topic item]
  • Oct 1 - Floor: Online labor SLR
  • Oct 8 -
  • Oct 15 - Sohyeon: Information loss project (to be WWW2022 submission)
  • Oct 22 -
  • Oct 29 -
  • Nov 5 -
  • Nov 12 -
  • Nov 19 - Carl
  • Nov 26 - Thanksgiving week / no meeting
  • Dec 3 -
  • Dec 10 -

Past workshops

This is where we'll archive past sign-ups!