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Useful Resources

Task Management


(Updated March 15th)

Get missing wikis

  • ASAP Need to use wikilist3.csv to determine which wikis we don't have
  • ASAP Download the rest and put them through wikiq and build edit weeks

Dataset construction

  • Fix non-reverted edits bug (Nate)
  • Create dataset with edit sessions instead of edits (Nate)
  • Generate variables for newcomer edits to ns0, ns3 and ns1200 separately (Nate)


  • Figure out what's causing the spike in total edits around the transition date
  • Run a version of the analyses that takes into account whether newcomers ever edited
  • By March 22:
    • Run negative binomial versions of models on Hyak
    • Determine models to report
  • By March 25:
    • Clean up code and change to knitrable format
  • On April 10th:
    • Run the analysis on the test dataset


  • By April 1st: have a full draft of the paper ready for collaborative editing
  • First week of April: Revise paper, present at Seattle meetup for comments/suggestions
  • April 16: CSCW abstract + metadata deadline
  • April 19: CSCW submission deadline