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Task Management


(last updated December 5)

Data collection & analysis

  • Get missing wikis:
    • Salt will use wikiList.3.csv to find which wikis we don't have.
    • Salt will email Mako the list, and he will ask the Spaniards whether they have them
    • Collect any others we need (Salt, Mako)
  • By Dec 6: Gather data for all wikis that made the switch within the first wave of migrations to msg walls (including re-running wikiq, new wikilist, and so on.) (Nate)
    • Partition Danny Horn csv into train and test sets (Nate) [done]
  • Write down preliminary inclusion criteria for analysis (Sneha, Nate) [done]
  • By Dec 12: Implement current inclusion criteria for analysis on training set [done]
    • Update existing READMEs, and write codebook describing all variables in detail (Sneha) [done]
  • By Jan 25 - Debug editweeks code/identify source of pre-cutoff edits (Nate)
  • By Jan 25 - Start writing analysis code
  • By Feb 15 - Get initial results, make headway on written draft

  • Early April - run analysis on test set


  • By Dec 15 - Convert draft of framing, literature review and methodology sections to ACM format (Sneha)
  • Week of Jan 8 - Check-in meeting to discuss preliminary results (Sneha)
  • By Jan 15 - Draft results section of the paper, identify changes to be made to framing/intro based on results (Sneha)
  • By Jan 31 - Complete first draft of paper (Sneha)
  • April 16 - CSCW abstract + metadata deadline
  • April 19 - CSCW submission deadline

Next Steps (Nov 30)

  • (Nate) Update code diagram to say we're using wikiList.3.csv
  • (Nate) Write python code to create training set
  • (Nate and Salt) Link missing dumps to online dump sources
  • (Sneha) Write R code for analyzing data at the edit weeks level