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We're meeting in Evanston on September 27-29!

Plan and Preparation[edit]

Another group meetup/retreat is upon us! Our tentative plan is to get dinner together on Thursday, meet for an all day critique and feedback session on Friday (likely followed by a lab open-house and definitely followed by some evening fun), and then wrap up with a more open-ended co-working session on Saturday. As usual, the plans may evolve.

Critique and Feedback Sessions[edit]

For the critique and feedback sessions we're expecting everybody who wants to participate to submit (a) something in writing (e.g., a paper, a Matsuzaki outline, an extended abstract) and (b) a list of questions or types of feedback you want. Please only submit something you want feedback on!

If you want to participate, you need to email something to by the end of day on Friday September 21. No joke! Not everybody needs to participate but anybody who does participate should only submit one thing.

We're expecting that everyone attending will have read all the material submitted and will bring notes to the meeting. When we meet, everyone who has submitted something will get at least half an hour (more if possible).

When we meet, the rule will be no presentations and no formal introductions. The plan to just jump in and start answering the questions and talking about thing we've all ready.


In order to help with scheduling, please add your name below if you think you're likely/maybe going to circulate something for the critique and feedback session.


Everyone attending should plan to be around and available from Friday September 28 8:30am (ideally, Thursday evening/afternoon too) through until Saturday September 29 3:00pm (including the Friday evening).

Thursday September 27

Friday September 28

  • 8:30am Arrive + breakfast. (Kellogg Global Hub 5201).
  • 9am-12pm Critique and feedback session 1: (Shared note taking Etherpad)
    • Emilia
    • Kaylea
    • Jeremy
  • 12-1:30pm - Lunch in KGH dining area.
  • 1:30-4pm Critique and feedback session 2:
    • Nate
    • Charlie
    • Aaron
  • Wrap up around 4pm.
  • Evening group outing + dinner starting at 6:30pm (Demera + Green Mill).

Saturday September 29

  • Co-working session starts by 9am. (Frances Searle Building 2-431).
  • Demo by Nate? + Kaylea (Kaylea's flight is at 1 p.m.)
  • Order-in lunch to FSB (tba).


Who's Hosting Who?[edit]

Guest Tentative Host Notes
Mako Aaron Seems likely...
Nate Sneha Seems likely...
Salt Aaron
Emilia Sneha
Kaylea Aaron

Description of hosting options here[edit]

Sneha: Can host two people, one on futon, one on a comfy couch. Both in my living room.

Aaron: Two guest beds in separate rooms + couch/floor options in living spaces.

Dietary Restrictions[edit]

Name Dietary notes
Mako Vegetarian
Sneha Pescetarian
Emilia Pescetarian
Kaylea don't eat fish (sushi and shellfish ok); don't eat eggs (chocolate cake ok)
Aaron Allergy to sesame, most nuts (almonds and peanuts are fine).

Ideas of fun things to do[edit]

  • The Green Mill --- historic jazz club on Chicago's north side once frequented by Alphonse Capone.
  • Lock Chicago --- escape and puzzle rooms, their website notes that they are not "typical" escape rooms and are not actually in Chicago (Evanston).
  • The beach

Travel Plans[edit]

If you are traveling in from outside, add your name and arrival details here (days, times and flights if you have them):

  • Benjamin Mako Hill
    • 🛬 Thursday September 27 - Arriving 16:25pm (AS1204 SFO→ORD)
    • 🛫 Monday October 1 - Departing 17:25pm (AS1211 ORD→SFO)
    • Status: Purchased!
    • Notes re: housing etc.: Staying with Aaron, hopefully?
  • Kaylea Champion
    • 🛬 September 28 - Arriving 5am
    • 🛫 September 29 - Departing 12:59pm
    • Status: Purchased? yes
    • Notes re: housing etc.:
  • Wm Salt Hale
    • 🛬 Friday, September 28 - Arriving 4:59am (UA619 SEA→ORD)
    • 🛫 Saturday, September 29 - Departing 7:45pm (UA1053 ORD→SEA)
    • Status: Purchased!
    • Notes: need housing for Friday night
  • Emilia Gan
    • 🛬 September 27 - Arriving 4:04pm (American Airlines  2604)
    • 🛫 September 30 - Departing 10:15am (American Airlines  1045)
    • Status: Purchased
    • Notes re: housing etc.: Need housing

  • Nate TeBlunthuis
    • 🛬 September 27 - Arriving 4:04pm (AA 2604 Hi Emilia :) )
    • 🛫 September 30 - Departing 7:00am (AA 2211)
    • Status: Purchased
    • Notes housing with Sneha

  • Firstname Lastname
    • 🛬 September ? - Arriving ??:??pm
    • 🛫 September ? - Departing ??:??pm
    • Status: Purchased?
    • Notes re: housing etc.: