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| [[User:Aaronshaw|Aaron]]
| [[User:Aaronshaw|Aaron]]
| Allergic to sesame, nuts (except almonds and peanuts...which are inexplicably fine)
| Allergic to sesame, nuts (except almonds and peanuts...which are inexplicably fine)
| [[User:Jmaddock|Jim]]
| Vegetarian (👍: milk, eggs)

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We're meeting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on April 9-11! We will be meeting in TBD. If you're calling in, we'll be at http://meet.jit.si/cdsc as per our custom.

We'll be taking group notes at in a shared Etherpad for the event. You can see the pad we created last time for an idea of what this might look like.


Thursday April 9

Friday April 10

  • 8:30 AM, Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM, Introductions/logistics
  • 9:30 AM, Critique and feedback
  • 12:00 noon, Lunch (walk to Franklin St, or Coker Arboretum if weather cooperates)
  • 1:30 PM, Critique and feedback
  • 4:00 PM, Open house, with invited folks from other parts of UNC
  • 5:30 PM, Wrap up
  • 7:30 PM, Dinner and social activity, tentatively at Al's and The Baxter

Saturday, April 11

  • 8:30 AM, Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM, Unconference
  • 12:00 noon, Lunch (Franklin St/Coker Arboretum)
  • 1:30 PM - 3:00 Unconference and meetup wrap up

Critique and Feedback Sessions

For the critique and feedback sessions we're expecting everybody who wants to participate to submit (a) something in writing (e.g., a paper, a Matsuzaki outline, an extended abstract) and (b) a list of questions or types of feedback you want. Please only submit something you want feedback on!

If you want to participate, you need to email something to collective@communitydata.cc by the end of day on Monday April 6. Not everybody needs to participate but anybody who does participate should only submit one thing.

We're expecting that everyone attending will have read all the material submitted and will bring notes to the meeting. When we meet, everyone who has submitted something will get at least half an hour (more if possible).

When we meet, these sessions will be run with no presentations and no formal introductions. The plan to just jump in and start answering the questions and talking about thing we've all already read."

These are our norms:

  • Take the entire group as an audience: the best feedback is beneficial or thought-provoking to the group as a whole, prompts group discussion/consideration, asks a question, etc.
  • If the author is your only audience, be practical and actionable for the project's current stage. Early-stage work is expected to be a little unpolished and crunchy, and proposing a large new branch of analysis for a nearly-complete work should be approached with a scoping statement (Must this be done for the work to be valid? Or are you proposing a follow-up line of inquiry to be stated in the Future Work section?)
  • Don't dogpile -- time is short, so even positive plus-ones should be brief: don't repeat what others have said, don't feel the need to chime in or pile on a critique: it is assumed that you read the paper and are supportive of the author.
  • Avoid vaguebooking. "Framework needs some work" or "Lacking some flow" isn't as useful as "I don't think you're getting a lot out of using Foucault, Latour, and Habermas here, and explaining them is pretty heavy -- maybe you can get away with just invoking Benkler and moving on" and experience-grounded comments like "When you transitioned from section 2 to section 3, and half-way through section 4, I ended up flipping back to the abstract to figure out what was going on".
  • Don't narrate the typo you found on line 156: feedback best conveyed via a marked-up draft should be delivered via a marked-up draft.

Who's Coming to What?

Please add your name below if you think that you'll be attending any of the meetup's events! Also, if you'll be traveling and/or have food requirements, make sure to fill out the Accommodations, Dietary Restrictions, and Travel Plans sections.

If you are planning on presenting during the critique and feedback sessions, answer "yes" to the "C&F" box with optional details next to your name on the table below! Not everybody will present, so don't feel pressure to sign up.

For reference:

  • C&F is Critique + Feedback sessions are expected to be Friday;
  • Saturday will probably have flexible (co-)working sessions;
  • A fun social outing is probably going to be scheduled Thursday evening after dinner or on Saturday.
Attendee C&F Session Submission? Thursday Dinner Friday Dinner Saturday Sessions Saturday Fun Event
Example User no yes yes yes yes
Aaron maybe! (depends how many we have) yes yes yes almost certainly!
Salt yes yes yes yes yes
Kaylea yes unlikely; flight times seem to be long from SEA yes yes unlikely; I want to be home for Easter
Sohyeon yes unlikely yes yes likely
Floor yes unlikely yes yes likely
Regina yes ? yes yes yes
Nick maybe unlikely yes yes likely
Jim maybe likely yes yes unlikely


[Sayamindu has a spare bedroom with 2 twin beds, and an additional airbed (for one more person) that can go in the living room.]

Dietary Restrictions

[No need to add yourself here if you are unrestricted.]

Name Dietary notes
Mako, Charlie, Floor, Aaron Vegetarian (👍: milk, eggs)
User:Kaylea don't eat fish (sushi and shellfish ok); don't eat eggs (chocolate cake ok)
Sejal Allergic to seafood (esp. prawns)
Aaron Allergic to sesame, nuts (except almonds and peanuts...which are inexplicably fine)
Jim Vegetarian (👍: milk, eggs)

Travel Plans

If you are traveling in from outside, add your name and arrival details here (days, times and flights if you have them, status (purchased/in-progress), any notes).

Copy /paste format, fill in with your details:

  • [NAME]
    • 🛬Date - [WEEKDAY], April [DAY] [time and flight information]
    • 🛫Date - [WEEKDAY], April [DAY] [time and flight information]

  • Emilia
    • 🛬Date - Wednesday, April 8 [time and flight information]
    • 🛫Date - Sunday, April 12 [time and flight information]
    • Status: NOT PURCHASED
  • Salt
    • 🛬Date - Thursday, April 9 [time and flight information]
    • 🛫Date - Saturday, April 11 [time and flight information]
    • Status: NOT PURCHASED
  • Kaylea
    • 🛬Date - Thursday, April 9 Delta 1244, Depart 11:16 AM Arrive 7:16 PM
    • 🛫Date - Saturday, April 11 Delta 942, Depart 5:03 PM Arrive 10:03 PM
    • Status: PURCHASED
  • Sohyeon
    • 🛬Date - (Probably) Friday, April 10 [time and flight information]
    • 🛫Date - Sunday, April 12 [time and flight information]
    • Status: [NOT PURCHASED]
  • Floor
    • 🛬Date - Thursday, April 9 [time and flight information]
    • 🛫Date - Sunday, April 12 [time and flight information]
    • Status: NOT PURCHASED
  • Aaron
    • 🛬Date - Thursday, April 9 [time and flight information]
    • 🛫Date - Saturday, April 11? [time and flight information]
    • Status: NOT PURCHASED
  • Regina
    • 🛬Date - Thursday, April 9 [time and flight information]
    • 🛫Date - Sunday, April 12 [time and flight information]
    • Status: NOT PURCHASED

UNC To-do

Logistics Planning

  • Get attendance list + travel details of people flying in
  • Get dietary restrictions
  • Decide retreat schedule
    • Figure out what the social event will be
  • Determine restaurants/ordering food
  • Reach out to any potential speakers if we want to have research presentations
  • Schedule C&F sessions


Meal planning

  • Obtain list of dietary restrictions
  • Plan breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks
  • Make reservations / catering orders for any restaurants


Activity planning

  • Outline work-related events
  • Decide on non-work events
  • Decide on where we will hold the event(s)

Ideas of fun things to do

Previous Meetups

We meet roughly twice a year and you can see what we've done in the past at: