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Kibo is a server that CDSC has which can be used for research. To use Kibo, you will need to have a NU NetID and often, the Northwestern VPN. Instructions are below.

Getting access to Kibo

The first step will be getting a NU NetID. You should contact [Aaron Shaw] for this. If you already have a NU NetID (e.g. you are a Northwestern student), you can skip this step.

Once you have a NetID, you should contact to let Aaron know along with the NetID. He will contact the Northwestern IT folks and this will enable your account to access the Kibo system.

Logging into Kibo (remotely)

Now that you have login access, you can log into kibo! If you're off the NU campus, you need to use the Northwestern VPN, which is GlobalConnect currently, to connect. Instructions for the VPN are [here]. Once you have a NU NetID and the NU VPN:

  1. Connect to Northwestern University using the VPN (GlobalConnect)
  2. Open your terminal and ssh
  3. The first time you connect it will ask you if you are sure you want to continue connecting. Type 'yes' and enter.
  4. It will prompt you for's password. Enter your NU NetID password and you should now be connected.

Documentation and Next Steps

Viewing image files

We currently don't have anything set up to open and see the image files stored on the remote Kibo machine from the terminal. For now, the easy solution would be to:

scp -T -r .

in a folder on your local machine. This securely copies the files to the current directory that you are in. You will have to enter your password as if you were logging into kibo.