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Basic steps (quick and dirty version)

  1. Export a bib file from Zotero into the directory where you're building your paper. Call the file refs.bib
  2. The first time you're building the paper, you can just run make or make all. After that, you probably want to run make clean; make all. This should work whether you're using an .Rnw (knitter) or .tex (LaTeX) file.

ShareLatex adaptation

If you're using ShareLatex for your papers, that's great. The Best Practice is still to update the bibliography in Zotero, then export from there. Ideally, export into refs.bib and then upload that to ShareLatex so that the paper directory in our shared git repositories are up-to-date!

Style notes and more details (add as needed)

  • For sanity, it's good to create sub-directories within the paper directory to store things like knitr data and figures. For most of our existing projects these sub-directories have informative names like knitter_data and figures.
  • Don't edit refs-processed.bib by hand. This is a file that the Makefile builds every time it compiles the paper. If you have some reason to edit the bibliography by hand, edits refs.bib, but do so at your own risk since collaborators and other Community Data folks may come by your repository and try to build the paper by downloading a new bib file from Zotero unless you tell them otherwise!