Communication and Social Networks (Spring 2022)/Homework 1

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Before starting, read through Individuals versus Networks by James Cook. This will help you to finish the assignment.

  1. Define a set of people who you consider to be your "family."
  2. Describe your family using an individual-level approach (e.g., # of adults and children, locations, etc.). The easiest way to do this is probably as a table. E.g., the start of the table of my family might look like this. Be creative in the variables that you measure. :)
Name Age Gender Hair color
Rebecca 11 F Blond
William 9 M Brown
Owen 6 M Blond
  1. Describe your family in each of the following ways:
    • drawing a social network graph
    • writing out a social network edge list
    • creating a social network matrix.

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