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Welcome to the COVID-19 Digital Observatory Project!

This project page is currently under construction.

As our society struggles to make sense of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are turning to social media to share information, to understand what's happening, and to find new ways to support one another. This project is dedicated to tracing and surfacing where and how people are talking about virus-related topics. The observatory collects, aggregates, and distributes social data related to how people are responding to the ongoing public health crisis of COVID-19. The public datasets and freely licensed tools, techniques, and knowledge created through this project will allow researchers, practitioners, and public health officials to more efficiently gather, analyze, understand, and act to improve these crucial sources of information during crises.

Learn More

(coming soon)

Get Data

Our initial data releases from this project are offered as a minimum starting place. Our goal over time is to expand this project to include more sources of data (including international/non-English information) and searches from more keywords, all delivered more quickly.

Get Help Using Data

Our project plan includes developing tutorials and demos for the use of the data we release.

Join In

We are eager for collaborators! We work openly: want to contribute to the wiki? Request an account and be bold! Want to contribute to our analysis code? Clone our github repository and pitch in with pull requests.

Code of Conduct

We ask that all contributors adhere to the Contributor Covenant