Statistics and Statistical Programming (Spring 2019)/Session plan: Week 2

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Regular content[edit]

For each of the problem set sections below, I'll ask you to start in small groups to discuss and refine any questions you have. The groups will share their questions/topics and the teaching team will address as many as possible/reasonable. We'll also follow the random cold-call procedure for the individual problem set questions.

  • Programming challenges
  • Statistics questions
  • Empirical paper questions

This week I also plan to hold another "no stakes pop quiz" that we will discuss in class.

Special topics/announcements[edit]

  • Pset submissions: make sure to send at least the .Rmd file! (.Rproj alone does little). See us for tips.
  • Odd number exercises in the OpenIntro textbook.
  • Canvas "discussions"
  • Project plan and dataset identification due next week!