Public Speaking (Summer 2019)/Week 4

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Monday, 7/15[edit]

Intro to Commemorative, Invention (Values, Support, and Storytelling)[edit]

  • Preparation:
  1. Read the commemorative speech assignment description
  2. Watch sample student commemorative speech
  3. Watch What is a story?
  4. Watch What do stories do for listeners?
  5. Think of a specific story for your speech.
  6. Watch [What's the point of your story?]()
  7. Watch [Structuring your story.]()
  8. Watch [Writing characters.]()
  9. Watch [Writing description]()
  10. Watch [Transforming stories into anecdotes.]()
  11. Create a list of two important people in your life who aren't relatives, two important organizations in your life, and two important events that have shaped your life. Any of these can be historic.
  • Activities:
  1. Discuss the assignment and its rationale
  2. View a number of commemorative speeches, outlining and flowing them in small groups
  3. Brainstorm potential topics in small groups and examine their merits and shortcomings
  4. Brainstorm core values in small groups and examine their merits and shotrcomings
  5. Brainstorm support for values in small groups and examine their merits and shortcomings
  • Optional Readings:
  1. The New York Times has a nice little article about telling stories

Wednesday, 7/17[edit]

Arrangement (Principles, Models, and Outline)[edit]

  • Preparation:
  1. Draft list of values, support, and stories for your selected topic
  2. Review list of sample arrangement models
  3. Create rough outline of your speech
  4. Watch preparing a manuscript
  5. Watch formatting concerns
  6. Watch speaking from a manuscript
  • Activities:
  1. Discuss principles of arrangement, models for speech, and openers and closers
  2. Workshop rough outline and turn into solid draft
  3. Begin working on manuscript and adding stylistic elements

Friday, 7/19[edit]

DUE: Potential Venue List[edit]