Organizations and their Effectiveness (2016)

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This is a page to collect resources, links, and supplementary information related to the 2016 Summer Institute on Organizations and their Effectiveness held at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University.

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Workshop Information[edit]

  • The workshop website has more detailed information about (note that a login is required to access some resources).

Our esteemed leaders

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Rules Versus Statutes and Type I versus Type II Incomplete Law[edit]

This is a random selection. More of the important ones coming.

Standards and Standard-Setting Organizations[edit]

  • Bonatti and Rantakari (2016) on Standard-Setting Organizations, The Politics of Compromise (from Bob)
  • Timmermans and Epstein's (2010) review article on sociological research on standards: A World of Standards but not a Standard World
  • Ahrne and Brunsson's (2008) theory of Meta-Organizations, an organization with organizations as members
  • Bromley and Meyer's (2015) book on hyper-organization, and an article (2013) that summarizes the main argument


Exploiting Cogntive Biases[edit]

Choosing the right N[edit]


Lists of mechanisms[edit]

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