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This page includes resources that are useful for migration from Ikt to Mox (completed in June 2020) in Hyak.

Home directories[edit]

You're responsible for moving your home directories from Ikt to Mox. To do so, follow these instructions:

1. on IKT: prepare your homedirectory[edit]

First, go through and delete the things you don't want in your home directory. the program ncdu is installed on ikt and it will show you detailed information of what is taking up space. go through and recursively delete thing you don't want. if you want to archive things on cold storage, you can do that too by putting compressed tar files in /com/STAGING-cold_storage (we're strongly encouarged to ensure that each file is more than 100MB).

There are likely many hidden files as well. You can see those with "ls -a".

2. on IKT: make a tarball of your home directory[edit]

You will need to make a tarball of your home directory and store it in /com/STAGING-bbcp

Note Note: change every instance of "<YOURUWNETID>" to your NetID (e.g., "makohill") before running the instructions below

$ ssh
$ cd /usr/lusers
$ tar cvf /com/STAGING-bbcp/<YOURUWNETID>_ikt_homedir.tar <YOURUWNETID>

3. on IKT: copy the file over to your new homedirectory on MOX[edit]

$ cd /com/STAGING-bbcp
$ hyakbbcp <YOURUWNETID>_ikt_homedir.tar<YOURUWNETID>/

4. on MOX: unpack you new data[edit]

Run the following:

$ cd /usr/lusers/<YOURUWNETID>
$ tar xvf <YOURUWNETID>_ikt_homedir.tar --transform 's/^<YOURUWNETID>/ikt_homedir/'
$ rm ~/<YOURUWNETID>_ikt_homedir.tar

This will create a new directory called ikt_homedir in my home directory on mox. I'll then go through and move out the things from ikt_homedir into ../ your new home dirctory. Or just leave them there if you want.

Moving files from ikt to mox[edit]

You can copy files at high speed without a password between the Hyak systems using commands like the ones below (instructions from the Hyak documentation).

From ikt to mox

   ikt1$ hyakbbcp myfile
   ikt1$ hyakbbcp -r mydirectory

From mox to ikt

   mox1$ hyakbbcp myfile
   mox1$ hyakbbcp -r mydirectory